Hyperlink through a calculated column

Formula-SupportIn a current project was asked if we could include a hyperlink in the project list. Normally is not a problem. However, the project site under another sitecollection. The project list is filled from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Rolling out the sites happened according to an identical building. So we can create a hyperlink that points to the appropriate project site. It is also possible to create a hyperlink to another site on the basis of existing data in the list item.
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Add SharePoint Online as a network folder

File sharersThe deployment of SharePoint as a DMS (Document Management System) provides organizations that documents easier to manage. This means that documents through a well-equipped Document environment in SharePoint documents can be found. But also be provided with version control and relevant metadata. To the migration of large numbers of documents and with correct and most complete metadata it is advisable to tooling to use. For small amount of documents one can use the Windows Explorer button in the library. It's only annoying to always log in and the Explorer to search button. It is therefore possible to drag-and-drop. After some search and internet research I have found a site where relevant content is on. Lo and behold it functions. Linking of SharePoint online library as a network folder requires that we make some adjustments in Internet Explorer. Go through the following steps to link a SharePoint Online Library as network folder. Read more

Share Sharepoint site with external users

CollaborationSharePoint is the ideal platform to share data. Microsoft has released the Office 365 (SharePoint Online) made even easier to share data with external. For we are going to give remote users access SharePoint Online, we need to know what is now a remote user can go Microsoft has a clear policy which is now an external user.

On the Microsoft site says the following:

What is an external user?

An external user is a person who has access to your SharePoint Online site has been granted, but that is not a licensed user within your organization. External users are users who is not an employee, contractor or local representatives for you or your subsidiaries. (Full article)

Display Microsoft that one should and can work with users outside the organization. Setup a site for customers to share documents and information is allowed and possible. It is therefore possible to lists and libraries. Sharing site is not just. Within the "centeral administration of SharePoint Online within Office 365, one needs to specify a site may be shared with external.

Of course, there are security concerns that Microsoft has built into SharePoint Online for sharing data. Thus, it is possible to document-level external user access. That is, they do not have direct access to other documents in the library. The user does not need prior notice has not been authenticated. This gives a direct risk. It is possible that the remote user can send the link also to third. If a user is authenticated need to login to see or edit a document, the used to have a valid Microsoft Account (Live ID). If the user logs in for the 1st time remembers the user with that Microsoft Sharepoint Account with see or edit the document.